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I have been using Radius LIfe Nu-Birth for 6 months. Initially, I had multiple areas on my arms that were open due to scratching and very slow to heal. The transformation was amazing! They have now healed and my skin is soft and there is little scarring. I feel that my skin also has a more youth appearance despite the severe sun damage I have suffered due to living in the southwest for many years. It also has a very pleasant smell which is not to strong. I highly recommend this product!



I suffer from sensitive skin and have had many dermatologists try to help over the years. They always prescribe steroidal creams which are very expensive, only work to a minor degree and are not so healthy.  CBD is naturally good for inflammation so I gave Calma Cream a try because a couple of years ago I had purchased Radius Life's NuBirth cream which my skin really liked!  They did it again formulating this cream and I am so grateful to see the great results I am getting so quickly!


Our neighbor in New Mexico, Norman, is an entrepreneur who is in the skin cream business. Generously, he has given my husband and me samples of his creams and they are all wonderful. But Calma Cream is the best. One day I was cooking with very hot olive oil in a skillet.  When I threw in some onions, the hot oil splashed out of the pan and onto my right forearm.  It was quite a painful burn, which turned red immediately. I tried putting cold water on it, but that didn't help at all.  I looked around for something to soothe the pain and redness, and there I saw the Calma Cream that Norman had given us on his last visit.  Quickly, I applied it to my wound.  Almost immediately the pain stopped and the redness disappeared – and never returned. Wow!  Now, I am keeping that Calma Cream handy, so it is available whenever I need it.

- BARBARA  / J.D., Ph.D.

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